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These training videos are designed to help users to learn how to operate School Dynamics software. Whether you are a new user or just need to brush up on a particular module, you’ll find these sessions helpful.

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IntroductionBrief Overview  |  Main Menu Bar  |  Basic Form Layout  |  Conventions used throughout the program (buttons, drop downs, pop ups, etc) 08:12 Log in to view
School SetupSetup Passwords  |  Setup Mail Class  |  Basic Information Setup  |  Academic Information Setup 34:41 Log in to view
Faculty InformationFaculty and Staff Information Form  |  Entering New Staff Members  |  Employee Information  |  Faculty and Staff Attendance Form  |  Faculty Reports 19:06 Log in to view
Courses SetupCreating a New Course  |  Courses Tabs  |  Teacher Matrix  |  Graduation Requirements 26:06 Log in to view
Student DemographicsImporting Pictures  |  Student Demographic Tools  |  Student Demographics Menu Bar  |  Adding a New Student  |  School Information  |  Student Demographics Tabs 41:58 Log in to view
Attendance Lunch Ordering AnnouncementsTeacher Attendance  |  Check Out a Student  |  Order Lunch  |  Announcements 14:42 Log in to view
Administrative Tools Part 1Enrollment Processing  |  Export/Import Data  |  School Calendar  |  Approvals  |  Office Attendance  |  Time Clock 35:40 Log in to view
Administrative Tools Part 2End of Year Processing  |  Honor Roll Processing  |  Letter Generator  |  Report Editor  |  Report Generator 33:07 Log in to view
BookstoreSetup General Information  |  Add Inventory  |  Order Inventory  |  Process a Sale  |  Lease a Text Book 23:48 Log in to view
Discipline and GuidanceDiscipline Setup  |  Record an Infraction  |  Discipline Bible Studies  |  Spiritual Guidance 21:37 Log in to view
Lesson Plans GradebookCreate/Use Lesson Plans  |  Set Weights  |  Entering Grades  |  Progress Report / Report Card Comments  |  Gradebook Utilities  |  Gradebook Tabs 48:05 Log in to view
Grades and TranscriptsOverview of Screen  |  Report Cards  |  Transcripts  |  Reports 19:14 Log in to view
Day CareSet Day Care Rates  |  Automatically Process Students In/Out  |  Manually Process Students In/Out  |  Process Charges 17:44 Log in to view
LibrarySearch for a Resource  |  Check a Resource In/Out  |  Add a Resource  |  Print Reports 23:40 Log in to view
Student SchedulingSchedule Students to Courses Individually  |  Scheduling Utilities  |  Schedule Students to a Course, En Masse  |  Mass Enroll Students to Courses 18:31 Log in to view
InfodirectSetup InfoDirect  |  Administer Family Accounts  |  Submit Articles and Events  |  Send/Edit an E-Mail 13:34 Log in to view
TransportationAssign Students to Bus Routes  |  Transportation Request  |  Maintenance Request  |  Process a Maintenance Request 10:34 Log in to view
New Student Inquiries AdmissionsProcess a Student Inquiry  |  Process a Prospective Student to Admissions  |  Admissions Tabs 06:40 Log in to view
Extra CurricularEnter Information about a Player  |  Schedule a Season  |  Enter Stats about a Game  |  AD Utilities 13:24 Log in to view
LunchroomSetup the Lunch Program  |  Create Menu Items  |  Develop Menu  |  Process a Lunch Order  |  Maintaining Vouchers 27:31 Log in to view
DevelopmentAdd a Donor  |  Development Tabs  |  Setup a Fundraiser  |  Enter and Process a Pledge  |  Record a Gift  |  Golf Marathon  |  Develop an "-a-Thon" Fund Raising Program 38:01 Log in to view
Financial SetupSetup Chart of Accounts  |  Create a Budget  |  Setup Cash Flow Distribution  |  Setup Payment IDs  |  Auto Billing  |  Manual Billing 36:08 Log in to view
Financial Accounts ReceivableProcess a Charge or Payment  |  Statement of Account  |  Family Charges/Payments Entry Form  |  Bulk Entry Form  |  Reports and Letters  |  Electronic Transfer of Funds 34:35 Log in to view
Financial Accounts PayablePurchase Orders  |  Create Vendors  |  Create a Payable  |  AP Bulk 16:25 Log in to view
Financial General AccountingEnter a Transaction  |  Process a Check  |  Post to the General Ledger  |  Mass Billing Main Menu  |  Check Balancing Assistant  |  End of Month Reporting  |  Financial Evaluator  |  Closing the Fiscal Year  |  Financial Aid  |  Financial Information Popup  |  1099's & 1096s  |  Time Clock Editor  |  Mass Assigning Financial Codes 25:45 Log in to view
Financial PayrollSetting Up Payroll Accounts  |  Setting Up Pay Periods  |  Setting Up Employees  |  Creating a Payroll Worksheet  |  Processing a Payroll  |  Electronic Transfer of Funds  |  Payroll Timeclock  |  Timeclock Editing  |  Maintaining the Tax Tables 18:54 Log in to view
Backing Up Your SystemSample Back-up Plan  |  Perform a Manual Back-Up  |  What to do When Your Server Crashes  |  Download an Update  |  Customer Support Options 09:33 Log in to view


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