Backup Your Data

Is the idea of managing your own back up system confusing or intimidating? Now you can back up your school's information easily and without having to purchase expensive hardware.

It practically goes without saying: everyone needs to be backing up their data. Not having a data backup is like playing with fire. The problem is that purchasing and managing an efficient, easy, and affordable backup system can be a tiring effort. School Dynamics offers a easy, flexible, and reliable off-site backup solution that allows you to backup your data without having to purchase or manage an expensive, complicated system.


School Dynamics Backup Pricing

$7.99 per server/month
+ storage fees
(first 10 GB storage FREE per server)

To purchase call: 1-877-265-8747

Frequently Asked Questions

Some other vendors include a backup service. Why does School Dynamics charge a fee for a backup service?
We keep our cost low by providing our customers with options versus charging for components that may not be needed. Other vendors who include a backup service do so because they own your data, whereas School Dynamics has an open access policy. This means you have complete control and ownership of your data, including deciding how you want the data backed up.
Can I back up other data aside from my School Dynamics data?
Absolutely. Our backup solution not only covers your School Dynamics data, but also allows you to backup any other files you need. Other vendors offer backup solutions just for school data files and require schools to operate a second backup solution for other critical files. School Dynamics offers a single solution for your data and critical files.
Can I backup multiple servers to accommodate my needs?
Yes, you can. Each license enables unlimited storage for an unlimited number of files with no file size limit for one server. Additional server licenses can be purchased for $7.99 per month (includes 10 GB of storage FREE) plus 15¢ per GB storage fees.
Is my data secure?
The information that you backup is encrypted with an AES-256 key algorithm before being transmitted, which means that it transfers safely and stays safe while in storage.
How can I start backing up my data?
It's easy. Just call School Dynamics Sales at 1-877-265-8747 (option 2) to speak to a sales representative.


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