Give your budget a boost

Imagine purchasing a program that pays for itself in months and then provides enormous revenues for your school!

These case studies, based on a school of 500 students, are examples of how money can be saved...and made.

Example Profit
InfoDirectMost schools charge $2 per month for this online parent service. For a school of 500, the net profit would be... $9,000
Banner AdsSchools sell banner ads to display on InfoDirect, much like yearbook ads. Sell 20 ads and net $7,140. Sell 30 ads and net... $10,740
Electronic TransferUtilize NACHA for processing tuition payments. Receive your money immediately and realize a net profit of... $15,260*
Paperless CommunicationUtilize InfoDirect's Message Center to send home all information in digital format, including report cards. Savings for a school of 500 students... $5,000
TotalJust these four items alone – after paying for program support – nets your school nearly... $40,000 per year

* This figure is based on a study of 320 families and charging an annual fee of approximately $50 to process NACHA files, similar to what other tuition collecting services charge. Your profits may differ depending on what you charge for this service and the additional charges by some banks in order to electronically transfer funds.


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