School Dynamics: Features

There are two standard versions of School Dynamics: a Small School Edition and Executive Edition. The Small School Edition can be customized to with additional modules to meet your personalized needs.

School Dynamics contains all the features you need to manage your school, no matter how many students you have. Use as many–or as few–features as you need. There's no need for multiple versions; one program does it all!

Feature Availability
Student Demographics check
Student Inquiries check
Admissions check
Attendance check
Grade Book check
Lesson Plans check
Honor Roll / Certificates check
Grades & Transcripts check
Discipline & Guidance check
Ability Evaluator check
Enrollment / Re-Enrollment check
InfoDirect check
School Calendar check
Facilities Manager check
Student Reports check
Label Creator check
Letter Generator check
Report Generator check
Administrative Tools check
School Set-up check
Scheduling check
Courses check
Faculty Information check
Financial Accounting check
Daily Announcements check
Class Seating Charts check
Bookstore check
Transportation check
Maintenance check
Extra-Curricular check
Library check
Meal Management check
Development check
Daycare check


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