About Us

School Dynamics creates powerful solutions for the management of the information that a typical Christian School needs for its infrastructure. The concept behind our products is to reduce the number of repetitive administrative task by utilizing cutting-edge technology coupled with good old-fashioned experience, thereby freeing educators to focus more on education.

From the President

"In 1998, the Lord led me to a school that had no computer technology. Every task was performed by traditional method. We were overworked and stressed. As a veteran Christian school administrator, I knew technology was part of the solution to our dilemma, but I just wasn't satisfied with the software programs I had used before.

"Over the next three years, I developed a comprehensive school management program which we now call School Dynamics. The efficiency level of my school rose dramatically. The timesavings allowed my staff and me to focus on academic excellence. In three years our test scores shot up from the bottom third to the top quarter of schools in our district.""

"I'd like to help other Christian schools save time, improve scholastic excellence and save money. My staff and I would like to be a blessing to your Christian school."

- Kris Bjorgen, Ed. D.

Mission Statement

The mission of School Dynamics is five-fold:


Corporate information

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